Mudgee and Morning tea shenanigans!!

I can’t believe it….2 years ago today at 8:13am and weighing in at a whopping, 4.545kg a little ray of sunshine came into the world, his name is Hugo and he continues to be the sunshine in our lives every day.  Happy birthday beautiful boy, Mummy and Daddy love you with all our hearts xxxx

For Hugo’s birthday we celebrated two ways, firstly we took him away to Mudgee for 3 days to stay on a working Merino sheep farm ( and then I had a little morning tea party in the park with some of his little, and big, friends.

Hope you enjoy the pics of our fun xx

I was totally in love with this china set that was in our cottage, but I was to worried I might break it, so we just admired it instead.

afternoon tea was waiting for us when we arrived….this is what was left

meeting the chickens

Hugo’s first go on a trampoline

such a beautiful place

look at that gorgeous face

our sweet little cottage for the weekend

Scarecrow in the fruit orchard….Hugo was not a fan

Hugo and his new friend Sally, she followed him around the farm all weekend

This little dog was so gorgeous, she followed us around everywhere.  If we were in the cottage then she wasn’t far away, either on the verandah or under the house.  On our second day we did a tour around the farm with the owner David, she followed us almost the entire way.  Hopped in the truck for the last part as it was getting a little cold.  David said that she does the same thing every time he takes people on a tour, runs ahead of the truck and sits at the gate and waits for you.  All the animals on the farm are very friendly and obviously love having visitors.

working on their soccer skills

Sally was a big hit with the whole family xx

the “kids”

It was so cold I had on two jumpers and a down vest….brrrrr. Keep up buddy

Two of the rams on the farm (there are four)….separated from the ladies so there isn’t any funny business going on

they are converting this train carriage into 2 bedroom accommodation with en suite. It was sitting in a paddock on another farm for years (I think they said about 20) and it weighs 21 tonne.

one of the neighbouring properties

my favourite picture for the entire weekend….my boys

“every day I’m shovellin”

old weighing scales at the shearing shed


one of the two Alpaca on the farm

delivered fresh-baked each morning with home-made jam….YUM

story time in front of the fire-place

relaxing in front of the fire and getting a back tickle from mummy, does it get any better?

Saddling up

Our lovely host Julie taking the boys for a walk


the girls

Rusty, the 12yr old labrador. Poor puppy has arthritis so he doesn’t get up to much, but if you drop a scrap of food…he is there in a flash

On our last day, we had such a great time and will go back for sure.

Our weekend at Ba Mack Homestead was amazing, David and his wife Julie were wonderful hosts.  We had dinner with them on the Saturday night and Julie put on the most amazing spread, roast lamb, roast veges, steamed veges and home-made ice cream with home bottled preserved fruit from the orchard. If you want to get away and spend some time in the country then head to Ba Mack.

Aunty Lisa helping to set up for morning tea

Hugo and his mate Critter

Allison and the beautiful lil Miss Tilly

The spread

Mmmmm birthday cake

Thanx for my present Bree….this is the best bag EVER!!

The third and final celebration will be this Sunday, Hugo is having a shared birthday lunch with his Aunty Lisa.  Such a lucky little boy and loved by so many.

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